Woodside Link, Archaeology in 2015

Roman drying oven

Some of the items uncovered during the Woodside Link construction in 2015

A  Roman drying oven is among the archaeological  finds on the Woodside Link. The oven would have been used to dry grain, such as barley used in brewing. Grain would have rested on a the oven's wooden floor, while channels under the floor were filled with warm air. Thought to be 2nd or 3rd century AD, with 4 stoke holes, and possibly two phases of construction.

Roman Well
A Roman well, with similar dating was located to the south west of the drying oven. Tile and building material in the well probably comes from the building associated with the drying oven.

Belt or harness mount
A belt or harness mount from the same period, made from copper alloy and glass was found. The design suggests it could have been associated with worship of the Celtic god, Taranis[wikipedia] in the 2nd century AD.

A Roman millstone was found in a shallow pit next to the drying oven. Almost a metre diameter and 14cm thick.

Ring ditch
An older Ring ditch similar to those of the period 2500-650 BC was uncovered.