George Arnald A.R.A. (1763-1841)

George Arnald ARA (1763 – 21 November 1841) was a British painter who specialised in landscapes, including topographical views to illustrated county histories. He is best known for his celebrated painting depicting the Battle of the Nile. (Wikipedia)

The following images are watercolours by George Arnald, from a book held at Bedford PRO. The book contains several hand painted images and a variety of poems, and may have been painted from memory rather than done in situ. The first two are the church at Houghton Regis.

From the same book is the view below. It's not entirely obvious where the view is seen from, but I rather fancy it is a view from the bottom of what is Drury Lane today, looking towards the Crown pub.

The viewpoint these days.

... and from nearby, popular thought is that the view below is similarly taken from around the bottom of Drury Lane towards the church (which is out of sight)

Meanwhile, the old Houghton Hall, home to the Lord of the Manor of Houghton, Henry Brandreth, was supposed to be somewhere behind the coach house around the lower reaches of what is Drury Lane today. The church tower is painted in which may help with locating the old hall.
"Mr Brandreths" . The church tower is visible on this image. Henry Brandreth owned the older 'Houghton Hall' thought to have been near the lower reaches of Drury Lane.