Maiden Bower

List Entry Number: 1015593 Historic England
Heritage Category: Scheduling
Location: Houghton Regis, Central Bedfordshire 
Date first scheduled: 13-Dec-1929
Maiden Bower is situated about 1km to the northeast of Totternhoe, on a broad plateau below the Dunstable Downs which overlooks the northern edge of the Chiltern scarp. The monument includes a large univallate hillfort of Iron Age date, although surface finds, small-scale excavation and recent geophysical surveys have also demonstrated the existence of a Neolithic causewayed enclosure in this location and provided evidence of Romano-British activity within the ramparts.

Aerial view, Anthony McGill, Facebook.

Compare this 1762 map with a modern map.

THE CASTLE or Maiden Bower.
1762 Survey Map, copied in 1766 is held at PRO Bedford. No commercial copying.

J.D. Forder developed the lime works in Sewell ^ to the north of Maiden Bower. The conically shaped lime kilns are depicted on the Houghton Regis Town Sign in front of the Memorial Hall on The Green. Below, a close up of lime kilns below Maiden Bower as shown on the Houghton Regis Town Sign. In the woods beneath the Sewell Greenway disused railway line (now a footpath and cycleway) there are brick platforms, potentially relating to the bricks shown in the photo below.

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