Search for New Road Way Names in Bidwell

Section on 1762 Survey Map, copied in 1766.

The Town Council are currently looking for suggestions for new road names in the Dell Farm area of Bidwell, Houghton Regis.

Suggestions from the huge old survey map kept at Bedford CRO (section above), might be:
The Rye Closes, Great Rye Close, Piggotts Close, Two Acres, Six Acres, Dell Piece, The Dell, Smallbrooks, Upper Smallbrooks, Painters Balk Piece, Torch Mead, Hollow Dean, Huckutts, Lower Grindell, Upper Grindell, Duncroft Milley Close.

"Peasey Common" was the land on which the Sewerage Works are now on. "Angels" was the name for the land on which a waste exchange centre is currently proposed by the A5.

Other suggestions include:
Greenfields - after the Green's of Bidwell who owned Dell Farm.
Goosey Way, Brooklyn Court, Mary Jane Way, Brooklyn Rise - after Mary Jane Goosey who owned a hat manufacturers on the site of Watling Court from the late 1880s.
Kinchella Court - after John and Jessie Kinchella who served for long periods on the local parish council.
Bright View - after a local gravedigger, a local character.
Upton Park - recalled as a local street sweeper and well respected.
Arthur Cook Place - 1st chairman of Houghton Regis Parish Church