Hot Air Ballooning 1968 in Houghton Regis

This old video has come to light, incorrectly called "Sussex" by the commentator. It is clearly in Houghton Regis.

"The balloon was not built by Cameron Balloons but a number of chaps from Bristol Gliding Club as a project in 1967. They were known as the ‘Hot Air Group’ – there were no other hot-air balloons in western Europe at that time, at all.
The Pilot looks like Gerry Turnbull from the footage – he was Wing Commander at Weston-on-the-Green – RAF Parachutist Training.
Gerry (who died several years ago) helped train the folk in the group but as they were all new to modern hot-air ballooning, they were all rather learning as they went along… "
- Cameron Balloons Ltd. Bristol 7/1/2015