A Talk On Houghton Regis Quarry

A talk on Houghton Regis Quarry was held at the fire station in Brewers Hill Rd, Dunstable, on 26th November 2014. During the talk, Mr Buckledee plugged his latest book several times. In it he shows past and present photographs of the same, or approximate, viewpoints. For two shots he described how he clambered along a footpath overlooking the A5 chalk cutting, that was nigh on impassable. As a boy he used to walk freely along this path but it was now quite densely overgrown. At his now advanced age, he had to resolve to crawling along on hands and knees, with a precipitous drop on one side to the A5, and an impressive viewpoint to the other looking towards the Marl Lake in the excavated quarry.

John Buckledee, "Dunstable Through Time" on Amazon Kindle ;  Amazon.com ;  paperback on Amazon.co.uk


  1. where can we see those pictures or are they ones we already have seen?

  2. See above. I've added links to places where the book can be bought.


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