Chantry Farm and Old Ponds in 'Sundon Road' in 1886

The Red Lion public house is marked where we now know the Chequers to be. The land that Chantry Farm covered was partially taken up by Parkside Drive, and to the east of the farm building a pond is indicated, just about where today's burger van parks up.

Along what is today known as Sundon Road -
I say that because Parish Council records from 50 to 60 years ago (check the time line) show that, over time, some referred to it as Sundon Road, and others to it as Chalton Road. Councillors had a vote, and 6 votes  to 5 determined it to be Sundon Road
- there are a total of six ponds shown.

The biggest of them is where the willow trees are today, after it was filled in as late as the early 1960s.  (Note: I've been re-reading my notes on ponds on my timeline. I think further research is required. The pond I refer to as being filled in as late as the 1960s may be the one that was near Dean Hollow. )The next pond up on the right by Dene Hollow, was still a problem for the old Parish Council 50 years ago, when it was partially owned by the owners by the house and partially by Luton Rural District Council. The parish records show that people had been throwing rubbish into it and it was generally becoming quite a mess, so much so that LRDC were being asked to fence off their side of it in an effort to make it less of a target.

Moving up, on the left hand side was another small pond, where today there are a row of bungalows, just below where today a new zebra crossing was installed just a couple of weeks ago. Further up, on the right, yet another pond around what is probably today's grass verge by Hammersmith Gardens, although during the 1970s it approximates to the where the entrance driveway  to the LRDC's offices were.
A little further up we have another couple of ponds  indicated just before where Recreation Road is today, on Tithe Farm.
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