1950's Post Box Requests

Earlier this year I spent some time reading through archived editions of the Houghton Regis Parish Council. One of the running themes was the councillors requests for post boxes in the village.

It was recorded at the HRPC Meeting of 22 Feb 1955 that the Head Postmaster had written asking to remove Mill Road letter box, and put a larger one at Douglas Crescent. The Parish Council's view was that it should remain where it was in Mill Road.

Later, on 24 September 1957, the Parish Council were to write to the Postmaster at Dunstable for a post box at Douglas Crescent. Then again, on 25 February 1958 the council was dissatisfied that the letter box at Mill Road had not been replaced.

In March a replacement post box was to be requested for opposite the Crown Public House.

In April 1958 there was news that a replacement post box was to be situated near St Andrews Lane, opposite the Crown p.h.; there was only one Post Box in the village available for use.

In October 1958 the Head Postmaster was to be asked to provide a permanent letter box near The Chequers p.h, as the present one was too small.

In October 1959 the council's minutes recorded that a post box on a telegraph pole opposite Red Lion p.h. was in a dangerous spot according to the Head Postmaster, but councillors resolved that it was 'in a satisfactory position and should be retained in its present site.'