1760 Common Fields Seasons

The 1762 Survey Map of Houghton Regis held at the PRO in Bedford, gives us the following information in it's key:-

The Perambulation or boundarys of the Parish are represented by a Red Line thus

The Manors of Houghton Regis and Seywell are divided by the Great London Road or Watling Street

Way. And have each a separate Series of Numbers referring to the Field Book. The different kinds of

Land and Seasons of the Common Fields are distinguishd by different Colours .

Viz'. The Inclosures , which are Severals are Colour'd Green ....

The Innings, or every Years Land is also Colour'd Green .........

Common Meadows, belonging to Houghton {The Great Mead & South Mead} and to Seywell {The Stipes & Seywell Mead} Colour'd (green)

Houghton Common Fields ~

Tilth Season 1760 {The Great South Field}
                                    {The Little South Field }
                                    {The Bury Field               }
                                    {Thorn Comp                   }

Breach Season 1760 {The North Field    }
                                         {How Down &ca     }
                                         {Carcutt Comp        }

Fallow Season 1760        {The West Field      }
                                               {East Hill Field        }
                                               {Stockings Close at Thorn }

Seywell Common Fields

Tilth Season 1760  | Seywell Great Field  - Colour'd Yellow
Breach Season 1760  | The Castle Field, The Red Field - Colour'd Blue
Fallow Season 1760   | Seywell Little Field - Colour'd Red