Houghton Regis Heritage Society

The work you see on this web site was begun by myself BEFORE the Houghton Regis Heritage Society was formed. If you want the Heritage  Society website it's here: HOUGHTON REGIS HERITAGE SOCIETY

The first meeting to see if we wanted a Hertitage Group for Houghton Regis was 26 Sept 2012.


VENUE: The Library 18.00-19.15 26.09.2012

PRESENT: David Hill ,James Carroll, Pam Gill, Pam Kettle, Janine Dixon-Wilkinson, ,HRTC-Jan Cooper ,Tracey McMahon, Alan Winter, Sarah Gelsthorp

Apologies:- Jenny and Eric Gallucci

AGENDA Welcome and Introductions
Support available from The Town Council
Freethink about a Heritage Trust
Discussion on formation of group

WELCOME AND INTRODUCTIONS All participants shared their interest in Houghton Regis, their personal interest in the town and the value that a heritage Trust could bring to the town.

SUPPORT AVAILABLE FROM THE TOWN COUNCIL Jan explained that the town council task Jan to be involved in setting up new groups. Jan has recommended that a Heritage Trust group supports communities to protect and preserve the past, make it available in the present and supports communities when dealing with times of significant change. The Town Council support is available as long as the group requires help and will be involved in constituting the group, organizing meetings, chairing if required and supporting information sharing. Support is usually present for approximately twelve to eighteen months when most groups will reach independence.

FREETHINK Manorial rights, twinned with ? town charter, link in with Bedfordshire, trips to historical sites, brandreth, gary cooper, local history linked with future development, first world war spies, cemeteries, establish what needs preserving/protecting/recording, letting people know hr has a history and is older than dunstable, cutting chalk, sheep and farriers common land, ponds, recognition of local lands marks, i.e. Houghton hall, sites of tithe barn, windmills, mill road, whitehouse close, plaques, heritage trust, take over of Houghton Hall, trips to records office at bedford, maps, local graveyard, burial indexes, photo all gravestones in All saints and record details, history of the schools, the once township of Houghton Regis and its boundaries, photographs, history of house names, memoirs, story behind the pictures, local gossip recorded, fables of the area, who is who, minutes, local people, history of HR during the wars, Ice House-where is it ? where are they now, bmd, hr during roman times and before, maps and census data, industry, poor law, alms homes, time team,who do you think you are ?presentations, unique archive of pictures on a professional website celebrating the heritage of the past and present, examine local history sites, record local people telling their stories of living in Houghton regis, getting records back from county.

Jan suggested that the freethink could be organized into 4 main categories:-

 DISCUSSION ON FORMATION OF A GROUP A vote was suggested and taken. Individuals voted to form a group. Nominations were requested for roles, DH was nominated by AW for the role of Chair, DH accepted.

Meeting concluded at 19.15

Date of next meeting 5th October 15.00 The Library.

The first constitution of the Houghton Regis Heritage Society has been formulated.