18th Century Thorn and Bedwell

On a visit to Bedford Records Office I took several pictures of parts of a large survey map of Houghton Regis of 1766 - possibly 12 feet by 8 feet, although I didn't measure it. It's in colour, and probably on calf skin. It did not lie flat, and I only had a held hand camera, so this explains why the detail is lacking or blurry in parts.

The Records Office have asked that they be acknowledged in any reproduction, but please note that reproductions may not be used for commercial purposes.

The map is entitled, "An actual Survey of the parish of Houghton Regis and SEYWELL in the county of Bedford. Manors of Houghton Regis and SEYWELL belonging to the most noble IOHN Duke of Bedford surveyed by Bateman in 1762 and copied by T. Richardson in 1766. "

Carcutt Farm. Today known as Calcutt Farm on the A5120 Lords Hill.

At the top, Carcutt Farm, then, coming down, Great Crixsey Cow Common and Little Crixsey. Today, the west side of Great Crixsey Cow Common is the Dunstablians Rugby Club, off Bedford Road. 
On the right the junction of modern Thorn Road, Bedford Road and Lord's Hill.Thorn. (More than one photograph, not quite stitched and blended correctly)


At the east side of this picture is the lower part of Bedwell (where Dunstablians Rugby Club is now) and the road leading off to the left is the Thorn Road that today leads towards the present day A5.

Bedwell, showing Bedwell Green. Today known as Bidwell.

At the top, Bedwell, coming into the the town centre area.
The church is clearly marked.
Section showing Houghton Green and off-shooting routes.
At the point where Lilly Lane leads off from the Green, is one of the sources of the River Lea (just behind where the Pavilion on the Green is today)

On the right, the end of the High Street