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Archives Office  - Bedford

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Historical Names of Roads in Houghton Regis: A Google Map Project

Grave stones, Houghton Regis: Memorial Stone inscriptions of Houghton Regis Baptist Chapelyard

Commonwealth War Graves Commission Find War Dead. Go here, scroll to bottom of page. Enter "Houghton Regis" in the "Additional Information" box. That's it.

Francis Frith Memories of Houghton Regis

Bedfordshire Libraries: Local and Family History

Museum Lite - a simple record documenting site - apply via Download link.

A5-M1 Link Historical Research at Thorn - contains extensive research into Baptist Church history and ownerships of various pieces of land over the years at Thorn.

Houghton Regis Up Above The Streets And Houses - A fascinating look at road names with anecdotal stories by Sarah Gelsthorp.
From Country Boy to Weatherman: A Houghton Regis and Dunstable Youth George Jackson tells the story of what it was like to live in Houghton Regis when he lived in an isolated house surrounded by fields that were to become the Parkside estate. Follow George's journey as he walks around the village and describes the things he remembers and the characters he used to meet.
Royal Houghton. A companion book to Old Houghton. A fascinating history of Houghton Regis.
Old Houghton: Including Upper Houghton, Now Part of Dunstable Houghton Regis as you've never seen before. With a fascinating selection of old photographs of the village.
Memories of Houghton Regis The stories of people who spent their lives growing up in the Houghton Regis area, with memories of World War Two evacuees from London, the jobs they did, and the things they enjoyed doing.
Book of Dunstable and Houghton Regis A wealth of historical knowledge of Houghton Regis, the land allocation to create the market area of Dunstable, and the subsequent growth of the town and the village in this part of Bedfordshire.
Toddington and Houghton Regis (Chiltern Society Footpath Maps) Toddington and Houghton Regis maps.
Dunstable Decade: The Eighties, a Collection of Photographs