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Clearing the Snow

"Houghton Regis Diary by Ruth Shelley
For the past three years, two elderly men have been clearing drifts away from their less mobile neighbours bungalows after snowfalls because the old folk of the village appear to be in the land of the forgotten.
Mr Leslie Bird, 69 and Mr George Guest, 78, both live in St. Andrews lane and have been good pals for a number of years.
They are lucky as both of them are still in the pink of health and always willing to give a helping hand to their neighbours — wight of whom are widows, one of them almost blind.
Most of the residents in St Andrews Lane are over 70 and quite unable to dig through snow drifts which have blown against their homes in recent blizzards.
But why should these elderly men have to cope. Surely it is up to the rural council, which has a paid staff to look after our old folk. And this is what the parish council is to ask in the future.
This is not the only neighbourly task these old gents do to help either. If they find their elderly companions want any shopping done or the coal brought inside, they are always willing to offer a hand.
I must apologize to Mr Bird and Mr Guest for recently congratulating the County Council for clearing the snow outside the old folks home. It is this old pair who need a pat on the back!"