Have you seen the ghost of Drury Lane?

A couple are said to have been walking past the Green one night when they saw a barefoot young girl wearing a summer party dress approaching them. She turned into Drury Lane. As it was cold they were concerned for her welfare so they followed her into Drury Lane to see if she needed help.To their surprise they discovered that she had totally disappeared.

Later, they discovered other reports that the young girl had been seen walking in that area by witnesses as far back as the 1930s. Some say it is the apparition of a little girl who was tragically killed after being run over by a car whilst she was on her way back home from Sunday School.

Prior to the building of Tithe Farm and Parkside estates, the road now known as Sundon Road, was surrounded by fields. A young man walked along the road at night towards East End when he suddenly saw a dark figure cross the road ahead of him. Reaching the spot he found that the figure had totally vanished.

A week later he approached the same spot where he had seen the figure the week before. Suddenly he was pushed hard in the back and he fell into the ditch along the side of the road. When he looked around, the attacker was nowhere to be seen.

Another dark night he again walked along the same road. This time he became spooked by a strange whistling tune that got closer and closer to him. He sprinted off to the street lights for safety.


Houghton Hall, by the Village Green, is said to have a ghostly apparition of Alice Brandreth wandering around the building.